Saturday, February 28, 2009

i'm tired of this

i'm tired of every time i log onto twitter, youtube, myspace, and now, even blogspot, i have a new message titled: "DEMI SUCKS!" & saying that to me, is like talking about my mother. honestly people, don't talk about demi. i'll cry.  but, heres the funny thing-how could you talk about demi?! what can you honestly say about her? to me, she's absolutely perfect. everything she does screams honesty, sincerity, & she's so down to earth, and i know that because i've actually met her. you can tell when people are absolutely just faking it, (MILEY CYRUS///JB!) and she honestly doesn't. my worst flaw is judging people, but i just can't bring myself to judge demi. she's done nothing to anyone! i mean, egging her car?! come on guys! get mature! WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU?! is it because she's talented, and you just crave to be able to sing///dance///act like her?! is it because her style is incredible?! is it because she's the most beautiful girl in this world?! i mean, really! ><>

demi, i love you. if you see this, i'm always here. i'll always be here for you, to support and love you. to listen to your music, and wait for your twitter updates. 

-katelyn lovato <3
aim : katelynlovatoyo

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